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Novel Habibie Dan Ainun Pdfl HOT!


Novel Habibie Dan Ainun Pdfl HOT!

the novel ainun habibie also had a problem in that the main character fell in love with a woman, who is very different from him. but he was a man who was willing to sacrifice his love for the sake of his country. he made many sacrifices for the sake of his country. this is also a very important characteristic of the character of habibie. habibie also has a very strong sense of responsibility. he is a man who has a sense of ownership and commitment. as a result, he has served as a minister for almost ten years.

during his career as minister of research and technology, habibie always made efforts to promote scientific development in the country. the scientific development is a source of national power. scientific development that aims at the development of technology is the source of scientific power. as a result, technological progress can be achieved by the use of scientific power. this is also the case for habibie. he always emphasized science and technology, and he always thought that science and technology are the cornerstones of national power.

the crisis also triggered political turmoil, leading to suharto resigning after more than 30 years rule. habibie, who was then suhartos vice president, succeeded him. he served for a little over a year, but rights activists laud him for ushering indonesia into an era of democratisation.

the analysis of the data that was obtained from the research content indicates that the novel habibie dan ainun has values of character education that are useful in high school. furthermore, there are 18 values of character education that can be used as a basic reference in high school education. those values include: character values relating to god, character values relating to self is honest, disciplined, independent, creative, curiosity, love reading, responsible, and hard working. character values relating to others, character values relating to environment includes: tolerance, and love of the homeland. 3d9ccd7d82


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