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Forza Chiara!!! Perugia.mpg

Forza chiara!!! Perugia.mpg

Forza chiara!!! Perugia.mpg is a video that features the first episodes of the fairy tale "Forza Chiara", written by the artist Chiara da Perugia. The video shows the subtitled slides that refer to the initial part of the story, which has as protagonists the shy little witch Forza Chiara, and her helper, the funny and hungry dragon named Brutto, inside a fairy world.


The video was uploaded on Vimeo and SoundCloud by different users who appreciated the work of Chiara da Perugia, a young author who created and illustrated the fairy tale. Forza Chiara is a story divided into parts, each accompanied by drawings and explanatory titles, that takes you into the fabulous fairy world where the little witch Chiara, endowed with magic, and her little friend, the dragon Brutto, try to overcome troubles, dangerous encounters and a thousand adventures.

The video has received positive feedback from viewers who found it charming, original and creative. Some of them commented that they liked the characters, the drawings and the music of the video. Others expressed their curiosity and interest in knowing more about the fairy tale and its author.

If you want to watch the video "Forza chiara!!! Perugia.mpg", you can find it on Vimeo or SoundCloud . If you want to learn more about the fairy tale "Forza Chiara" and Chiara da Perugia, you can visit these websites: [] or [].


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