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Iqbal: A Movie Review

Iqbal is a 2005 Hindi movie directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and produced by Subhash Ghai. It stars Shreyas Talpade as Iqbal, a deaf and mute boy who dreams of playing cricket for India, Naseeruddin Shah as Mohit, a former cricketer who becomes his coach, and Girish Karnad as Guruji, a famous cricket academy owner who rejects Iqbal. The movie won the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues and was screened at the Independence Day Film Festival in 2016.

The movie follows Iqbal's journey from a remote village where he tends to his father's buffaloes (named after Indian cricketers) to the Andhra Pradesh Ranji Trophy team where he faces his rival Kamal, a rich and arrogant player from Guruji's academy. Along the way, he faces many challenges and obstacles, such as his father's disapproval, his lack of formal training, and his disability. He also finds support and encouragement from his sister Khadija, his mother Saida, and his mentor Mohit.

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The movie is a heartwarming and inspiring story of an underdog who overcomes all odds to achieve his dream. It showcases the passion and spirit of cricket in India, as well as the struggles and hardships of rural life. The movie also touches upon the themes of corruption, discrimination, and nepotism in the cricket system. The movie has a realistic and authentic feel, thanks to the excellent performances by the cast, especially Shreyas Talpade who portrays Iqbal's emotions and expressions without any dialogue. The movie also features some memorable scenes, such as Iqbal's audition for Guruji's academy, Mohit's drunken coaching sessions, and the final match between Iqbal and Kamal.

Iqbal is a movie that will appeal to both cricket fans and non-fans alike. It is a movie that will make you laugh, cry, cheer, and applaud. It is a movie that will make you proud of being an Indian. It is a movie that you should not miss.

If you want to watch Iqbal legally, you can rent or buy it from Prime Video. You can also find more information about the movie on Wikipedia or IMDb.


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