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Love Ne Mila Di Jodi: A Romantic Family Drama That Ran for 10 Years

Love Ne Mila Di Jodi: A Romantic Family Drama That Ran for 10 Years

Love Ne Mila Di Jodi was a popular Indian soap opera that aired on STAR One from June 22, 2009 to February 26, 2010. The show revolved around four brothers who were sent to a camping spot and met their arch rivals there. The show was a result of a collaboration between Bejoy Nambiar, Sumeet Vyas and Abhijit Rangnekar, who wrote and directed the story.

The show was a hit among the viewers and critics alike, and received many awards and accolades. It also became the most liked show in the history of Indian television by staying on air for 10 years. The show had a loyal fan base that followed the characters and their love stories throughout the years.

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The show had a unique concept of mixing romance, comedy, drama and suspense in each episode. The show also had a stellar cast that included Gaurav Khanna, Chandana Sharma, Karan Tacker, Perneet Chauhan, Dishank Arora and Simran Kaur. The show also featured guest appearances by celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.

The show is now available for download on various platforms like SoundCloud[^1^], Peatix[^2^] and AgendaPrime[^3^]. Fans can relive the memories of their favorite show by watching the full episodes online.

Meanwhile, Varun comes to Mumbai and joins Roshni's college as a student. He pretends to be a nerd and befriends Roshni, who is a tomboy and hates girly things. They both start liking each other but Varun hides his true identity from her. He also tries to make her more feminine and confident. Roshni eventually falls in love with Varun and confesses her feelings to him. Varun also reciprocates but feels guilty for lying to her.

The three brothers continue their plan of revenge by creating misunderstandings and troubles for the Gujral sisters. They also try to find out the truth behind their father's murder and Chaitanya's threat. They discover that Ila Gujral has a dark past and a hidden son who is the real culprit behind everything. They also learn that Ila Gujral is not their real enemy but a victim of circumstances.

The show ends with the three brothers realizing their mistake and apologizing to the Gujral sisters. They also confess their true love for them and decide to start a new life together. The show ends on a happy note with the six of them celebrating their love and happiness. 29c81ba772


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